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SIGHTSEEN is Julian, Sara, and Tobin. Sara lives in San Diego because she is smart and enjoys sunshine. Tobin and Julian live in Amsterdam because they own a boat and love it too much to escape the rain and relocate somewhere sunnier like...maybe...San Diego?

Together, they have experience in product and interactive design, game development, commercials, digital production, animation, and installations. Separately, they do a lot of other things like raise children and organize kickball leagues.

When not on Slack or Basecamp discussing their efficiency, the Sightseen squad likes to travel and teamed up to solve a common problem - Im in or plan to visit a new city and I want to quickly find the best restaurants, bars, places to see, etc. What are my options?

TripAdvisor and Yelp are text-heavy and their rankings and recommendations dubious at-best. Local bloggers are a good source of curated information, but who has the time to search for and dig through a bunch of blog posts? Plus, most travelers use their phones for search and nobody wants to scroll through reviews and blog posts on their phone.

The Sightseen thesis is simple - The mobile experience is a visual one and there can be a better solution to support urban discovery.